TODAY’s Guest Post is from a college friend of mine. Although I didn’t know much about her then nor was I close to her, I watched her;  I watched how PASSIONATE she was about the things she did. And she came to mind when I wanted a post about the Monthly Word Focus of “Passion.” … Continue reading PASSION


7 Necessities for Baby

I am almost back to my regular sleeping schedule now that my third daughter is officially three months. I have been really hesitant about doing a post of what I recommend for baby since there are probably a million other blogs (more popular than mines) that you can check out. But as someone who doesn’t … Continue reading 7 Necessities for Baby


We all have been at a point in our life when we've wanted to be recognized. Too often, I have heard stories about people giving up or throwing in the towel. And a lot of those times, it was because they weren't recognized or someone didn't appreciate their work or effort. I have a daughter … Continue reading RECOGNITION

Satisfaction in Your Season of Life

Spring is here and many are already getting their children's Easter Baskets ready. I'll be honest, we haven't done Easter baskets for our kids but the more I think about it, I figured that this would be a great opportunity for me to share the Gospel with my girls. They may still seem young but … Continue reading Satisfaction in Your Season of Life

Satisfaction in the Savior

Some people believe that KNOWING the Savior means having an "experience" that made them "see the light." However, it takes more than just having a head-knowledge of Jesus. It is more than having an "experience" or a "moment" in your life when you "felt" that Jesus saved you; either from a disaster, an accident, or … Continue reading Satisfaction in the Savior


Can you believe that 1/6th of this year is already done? Two months came and gone. Before we know it, high school and college graduations will be happening, Summer will be taking place, Christmas festivities will be transpiring, and 2018 will be another year to put in the books. I am really excited about this month’s … Continue reading SATISFACTION

4 Ways to Admire Your Family & Others (Feat. Special Guest)

For the month of February, the Monthly Word Focus is ADMIRATION. You can read more about that here. How often do we hear the expression, "It was an accident!" or  how often have we actually been the ones to say that? I can honestly say that I've said it more times than I would like … Continue reading 4 Ways to Admire Your Family & Others (Feat. Special Guest)