Mom, You Matter!

We can choose to let God lead us or we can choose to be led by something or someone else. Whatever we choose, don’t forget, our choice will affect our children because WE MATTER and WHAT WE DO MATTERS!

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“I Don’t Love You.”

“When we realize how UNCONDITIONAL God’s love is towards us, we will remember how UNDESERVING we are of His Love.”

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“It’s not fair & neither is God.”

Don’t we sometimes feel like that? Like life isn’t fair and specifically our lives? Maybe you’ve thought about what your life could’ve been like if you had just taken that certain job promotion or opportunity, married this person, or lived here or there.

…When we live our lives for ourselves, we will see that “Life isn’t fair” simply because we want “LIFE” to revolve around us and our agendas.

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A Spiritual Spring Cleaning

A Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Instead of being focused on cleaning our homes this Spring, let’s start by focusing on cleaning our hearts.

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