7 Necessities for Baby

I am almost back to my regular sleeping schedule now that my third daughter is officially three months.

I have been really hesitant about doing a post of what I recommend for baby since there are probably a million other blogs (more popular than mines) that you can check out.

But as someone who doesn’t have all the money in the world, I do my best to find affordable, yet good quality products. And that is why Amazon.com is my go-to. (Can I get an “Amen?!?”)

When we had our first child in 2014, of course we desired to give her the best but now that we’re on our third child, sometimes the “best” according to everyone else’s eyes isn’t necessarily the most affordable. I mean, why pay for a diaper bag that is over $100 when you can buy a similar one for $30-40? Please don’t get me wrong… we have nothing against name-brand items. In fact, our children have a good amount of things that are name-brands but they were either found at a thrift store, bought on clearance/sale or given by friends.


In this post, I would like to just recommend a few products that have been so helpful and are still being used today. Included will be affiliate links and anything you purchase through these links give me a percentage in return. Please do not feel obligated to purchase though. I am merely sharing what I have found to be helpful, necessary, and affordable.  So here we go!

1. Diaper Bag.

If you are looking for a diaper bag with A LOT of room yet, not ridiculously huge, this is a keeper! The storage space is incredible! It can be carried like a backpack or on either shoulder. It’s a look-alike of the Fawn Design diaper bags but much more affordable. I can have extra pairs of clothes for all three of my girls, have 2 water bottles or milk bottles with insulated storage, side pockets for my phone and sunglasses, and enough room for snacks, extra diapers, and wipes. In addition, it comes with a matching changing pad.

2. Bathtub.

I’ve been seeing the blooming bath thingies that moms have been using to bathed their newborns in the sink with. They are absolutely adorable! However, I am the type of mom that will buy something that will last long. And this bathtub is perfect! My three-month old bathes in it almost daily. And I love that it can be hung to dry.

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3. Breastfeeding Cover/Car seat Cover

Whoever invented breastfeeding covers is a genius! But whoever invented this kind of cover is a genius and life-saver! It’s multifunctional, easy to wash, and attractive! The material is stretchy and for those who are conscious about not being fully covered (front and back), have no fear! This is your answer!

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4. Burp Cloths

I first saw these from a good friend of mine but  didn’t decide to get them until I had my third child… (not quite sure why). Now, I wish I had them with my other girls. These burp cloths  are great in thickness and they’re also a great size. Rather than using the bigger burp cloths, these can hold your child’s “spit-up” without getting some on your clothes.


5. Maternity Dress

Every pregnant lady wants at least one decent and attractive photo of them while pregnant. And what better way to do that than to just have a beautiful maternity dress?!?  I found this a few months before I gave birth to my third girl.  And it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a full long sleeve, the material is soft and not itchy, and it’s modest. Unfortunately, the one I have is no longer in stock but I found similar ones that are just as beautiful and are the same brand.


Dress 1

Dress 2

Dress 3

6. Muslin Swaddles

These are another must-have for your baby. With newborns and their sensitive skins, these swaddles are gentle on baby’s skin. Not only is the material gentle but it is also a little stretchy so that when you’re baby is swaddled, they will feel extra secure as they are “swaddled with softness.”

These are the ones I have and they are 2 for $9.99, which is great considering muslin swaddles are usually pretty pricey.

This design is great for summer time and they are originally $23.99 but are currently on sale for $9.99! So grab them while you can!

7. My Wildbird Sling

If you haven’t already noticed lately, “slinging” your baby is definitely what’s going on nowadays. I was hesitant to try this and it took me a few tries to get it down but now, it’s like the best invention ever! Within minutes of putting my three-month old in my sling and close to my chest, she falls asleep… every single time! And to top it off, I can get work done while she’s in the sling! (Hallelujah chorus playing the background). Believe me, getting one for yourself  will make you so grateful you did.

Until Next Time,

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