Mom, You Matter!

We can choose to let God lead us or we can choose to be led by something or someone else. Whatever we choose, don’t forget, our choice will affect our children because WE MATTER and WHAT WE DO MATTERS!


5 Phrases Your Child Says & What They Mean

5 Phrases your child says and how we as parents need to listen to and understand what they're really saying.


WE all need to be reminded about this as parents because if we aren't careful, we fail at being this kind of parent, which eventually affects our parenting.

My TWO & A HALF year old teacher…

Children can sometimes be some of the greatest teachers. Click through to find out what my 2-year old taught me!

Liking, Loving, Laboring – #1

“I LOVE YOU, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I LIKE YOU.” Many of us have heard this saying; we have either been at the receiving end, giving end, or just the hearing end of this saying. Personally, I have said these words jokingly to either my husband or a friend before. Although some may not take … Continue reading Liking, Loving, Laboring – #1