Family Fridays is just a page where I can share pictures about some stuff we do together as a family. Some days, you can find us at a waterpark, a park, a mall, beach, restaurants, and malls. I believe it’s vital for FAMILIES to set aside time weekly (if possible) or at least every other week. It’s healthy, especially with the busy-ness of life to prioritize time with those that matter most.

Happy Scrolling!


Daddy & LG enjoying the water at a mall.


Daddy helping LG up this winding pole at a park.


Enjoying the summer sun at a park.


AJ loves the outdoors!


Daddy helping LG! She enjoyed her first time at the YMCA with a free membership; thanks to her Uncle!


Daddy & LG trying the Birthday Cake Pancakes at IHOP!


Feet in the sand and the SD sun on her skin… She loves it!


LG & AJ enjoying the waterpark in Downtown SD!