7 Necessities for Baby

I am almost back to my regular sleeping schedule now that my third daughter is officially three months.

I have been really hesitant about doing a post of what I recommend for baby since there are probably a million other blogs (more popular than mines) that you can check out.

But as someone who doesn’t have all the money in the world, I do my best to find affordable, yet good quality products. And that is why Amazon.com is my go-to. (Can I get an “Amen?!?”)

When we had our first child in 2014, of course we desired to give her the best but now that we’re on our third child, sometimes the “best” according to everyone else’s eyes isn’t necessarily the most affordable. I mean, why pay for a diaper bag that is over $100 when you can buy a similar one for $30-40? Please don’t get me wrong… we have nothing against name-brand items. In fact, our children have a good amount of things that are name-brands but they were either found at a thrift store, bought on clearance/sale or given by friends.

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