4 Reasons for Taking Family Vacations

The family is often looked down upon in our world, today. Instead of it being a priority, it's a burden. We're so busy making a living that we forget to actually live.


5 Phrases Your Child Says & What They Mean

5 Phrases your child says and how we as parents need to listen to and understand what they're really saying.


WE all need to be reminded about this as parents because if we aren't careful, we fail at being this kind of parent, which eventually affects our parenting.

Stop Being a Continual Dropping!

Repetition is key to remembering BUT you don't want to use this process when you nag your husband.


LIFE. IT CONSISTS OF A BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND END.  The only two that are evident are the beginning (birth) and the end (death).  We don’t really know when the middle of our life is, simply because we don’t know when the end of our life is. In addition, BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN, YOU WERE … Continue reading PRELUDE

Loving the Unlovable

Have you EVER had to deal with an unloveable person? Well, then please take just a few minutes to read this blog. I hope you find it encouraging and a help.