When will it be YOUR day?

No doubt, everyone has gone to at least one appointment in their lifetime. It could’ve been a doctor’s, dentist’s, psychiatrist’s, wedding planner’s… you name it. We’ve all been to some kind of appointment. I remember being pregnant with both my girls and all the appointments & checkups I had. I usually didn’t mind them and I had the privilege of having my husband come with me to most, if not all of them.


So what’s the purpose of an appointment?

For the doctor to check and tell you what your diagnosis is.

To follow up on a prior illness or diagnosis.

In the past 3 weeks in our church, we’ve held 5 memorial services for 3 different people and but in those 3 weeks outside of our church family, I’ve known 2 MORE people that have lost a loved one plus 1 person I knew personally (for a short time).

From the past few years, I’ve noticed this to be a “trend” (and I don’t say that carelessly) especially during the holidays. People slip into eternity by the numbers!

I have never lost an immediate family member or someone really, really close to me. I have known people that have gone on into eternity, but no one so close to me like a parent, sibling, grandparent, best friend, etc.

You see, appointments aren’t “bad” per se until we hear the word, “cancer” or the words “serious illness.”

In these past weeks as I’ve helped prepare the program for the memorial services, I’ve been reminded of how short life truly is… and the confirmation for me to write about this blog post happened on the Sunday Morning after we had the first 2 church members lose their loved ones…when the Preacher was preaching about our lives and the shortness of them.

You see…

Death is inevitable; it is certain to happen and it is unavoidable.

Romans 6:23 – “For the wages of sins death…”

Death will come. Death is no respecter of persons, age, talent, wealth, etc.

Hebrews 9:27a – “And as it is appointed unto men once to die..”


Hebrews 9:27b -“…but after this the judgment:”

You can cancel your upcoming doctor’s appointment or postpone it, but you FOR SURE CANNOT CANCEL YOUR Death Appointment. 

There will come a time in your life when IT’S YOUR TIME to go.

The REAL question isn’t “When?” but “Are you ready?”

There are 3 types of people in this world when it comes to death:

  1. Those who are prepared for their death
  2. Those who are preparing for their death
  3. Those who are not prepared for their death

Which one are you? How do you base what type of person you are?

Do you think you’ve done enough good? Do you think you haven’t really done bad?

If you are prepared, how are have you done so? How are you preparing for that Death Appointment?

As I sat in one of the memorial services 3 weeks ago, I heard a lot of good things said about the person who had passed… but more than that I noticed one person… the eldest son of the woman who had passed. Not once did I see him cry…In fact, he had that same big smile that he always has 🙂

You may be thinking, “How in the world was he NOT CYRING?” Believe me, I thought the same thing.

Well, I’m positive he’s done his share of crying, maybe with his own family but as he stood up there to lead the schedule of the program, the congregational singing, and even his “special words” for his mom, you can tell he had such grace that came from no one else but the Lord. How he managed to maintain such poise still blesses my heart and makes me  burdened for my own family (to make sure that I will be able to see them again, in case it was their time).

You see, Mark was able to maintain such poise and have such grace because he KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that although he may never see or talk to his mom here on earth, there will come a time when he will be reunited with her again. He has HOPE!

Earlier, we mentioned how appointments can seem bad especially when we hear the word, “cancer.”  The reality is, WE ALL HAVE CANCER & that cancer is SIN.

One of my professors in college used to say,

“Sin will take you farther than you want to go, Cost you more than you want to pay,

& Keep you longer than you want to stay.”

My friends, Sin is a disease and is continually spreading…

Some cancers may have cures but I can GUARANTEE you that Sin HAS A CURE and that remedy is JESUS.

If you are ready for that Death Appointment, that means that there was a time in your life when you realized that you were a sinner and accepted the fact that because you sin, you will die… and “that death” is not just a physical death, it is a spiritual one where you will be separated from God.

You chose to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and because you did that, you are ready for that Death Appointment.

If you are getting ready for that Death Appointment, it means to me that you have already accepted the ONLY Remedy and now are just doing what you are commanded to do until that day comes. Why? For the purpose of glorifying your Maker and receiving rewards that you will eventually cast at the feet of Jesus.  (Please don’t confuse this with WORKING for your salvation)

If you absolutely know that you are not prepared for that Death Appointment, please know that you can be! If you are really, truly serious about this matter, I will be happy to show you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

So many people live life with the motto, YOLO – You Only Live Once.

This motto is true to a point and as a Believer, I know for sure that I will not live once.

Believer in Christ – dies once and lives twice

Non-Believer in Christ –  lives once and dies twice 

As a believer in Christ, I know that I do not need to fret about tomorrow because I know WHO HOLDS TOMORROW & I AM H.O.P.E.(see acronym below)


Just as Mark displayed that HOPE, you can too by BEING PREPARED for that NON-CANCELLABLE APPOINTMENT.

***I started writing this post about 3 weeks ago and I have just been so busy with work , memorial services,  and life that I wasn’t able to finish it and now that I think about it – It was all part of God’s plan!
You see, in these 3 weeks that I’ve taken to write this post (on & off), there has been additions to the death numbers. 
I have known and heard of a total of 7 deaths. 
Now you may be thinking that “7” isn’t a lot… but it’s not about how many but the fact that I knew 4 out of those 7 people that slipped into eternity… 

People don’t take death seriously until it’s someone they know or are related or close to. 

This holiday season, let’s love a little more, give a little more, and hug and hold onto those who are dear to us because before we know, they may be next.

As horrible as that sounds, it’s possible and it’s best to be prepared.

“One life will soon be past; Only what’s done for Christ will last.” – C.T. Studd

Are YOU ready for YOUR appointment?


***Featured photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash!